Angels of Sixteen


Angels of Sixteen

This is our school’s 1916 Centenary project. Through the song ‘Angels of Sixteen’ we are commemorating the forty children who died during the Easter Rising in Dublin one hundred years ago. Their stories were mostly untold until Joe Duffy honoured the children with his book ‘Children of the Rising’. We, in Scoil Naomh Mhuire were inspired by Joe Duffy’s book to also honour these children in another way. And what better way than through song!

The streets of Dublin were the playground of these children. So, rather than focusing on the conflict and politics of the Rising this song focuses on the children playing on the streets of Dublin. The song, ‘Angels of Sixteen’ was created in collaboration with the great Kildare singer/song writer, Mick Dunne and the teachers and pupils of Scoil Naomh Mhuire.

We’re hoping to do a lot more with it, but in the meantime, we wanted to get it out there in time for the Easter 1916 commemorations. Please like and share. Angels of Sixteen

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