Fifth and Sixth Class tour to Kilmainham Gaol and Glasnevin Cemetery

Yesterday fifth and sixth class pupils along with Ms Radford and Ms McDowell visited Kilmainham Gaol and Glasnevin Cemetery. They had a thoroughly enjoyable and historically interesting day.

In Kilmainham Gaol they visited the chapel where Grace Gifford and Joseph Plunkett married and saw the prison cells of many of the leaders of the 1916 Rising.
Afterwards, they went to Glasnevin Cemetery where they paid tribute to the forty children who died during the 1916 Rising.
The pupils were given special permission to sing Angels of Sixteen, our song composed in remembrance of the young child victims of the rebellion.
They were commended by the staff of Glasnevin Museum for their moving rendition of the song.
The children were then taken to lay flowers on the graves of Sean Francis Foster (2 years) and Margaret Veale (13 years). Their tour guide Paddy Gleeson recounted the sad stories of these children and other victims of the Rising.
The pupils were surprised to hear that they were the first tour group to request a visit to the graves of the children.
The day ended with a short film about the history of the cemetery and a visit to the grave of Michael Collins.


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