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Science Week 2014

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Primary Science Fair 2015

5th and 6th class were one of only nine primary schools in Co. Kildare who were accepted to exhibit at the Primary Science exhibition in the RDS Primary Science Fair on January the 9th, 2015.  They completed a science project out which tested “How effective is rice in absorbing moisture in damp footwear”.  The pupils carried out controlled experiments using a variety of rices.  After testing different fabrics for absorbency they made pouches filled with rice to insert into runners to absorb moisture.  Their experiments found that Basmati rice was the most absorbent and that it was best to make the pouches with fabric composed of 50% polyester and 50% cotton.  The class were fortunate to have expert advice from secondary school science teacher Ms Angela Egan and Dr Oliver Blacque of UCD, as well as their own teacher Ms Paula Radford.  Judges at the exhibition were very impressed with their methodology and research.

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